The team at Rotating Machinery Supplies Ltd can assist with advice and product selection for your ventilation requirements. Restaurant and Kitchen hood fan selections, general ventilation, extrusion cooling, steam and heat extraction, frost heave solutions, welding and paint booth extract, produce precoolers, heat transfer, condensation solutions are part of our service capability and experience. Your enquiry will always be welcome and understood. Our stock inventory is comprehensive encompassing computer fans and shaded pole refrigeration motors, axial and centrifugal fans and blowers, wall fans, inline centrifugal roof extract units and industrial man coolers. We can offer custom solutions: Belt drive, stainless steel and bifurcated options.

Adjustable Pitch Axial Fan

Construction castings are of hot dipped galvanised steel, designed for direct drive. Belt-drive castings are available on application. The motor and impeller are encompassed in standard casings, generally 400mm, 600mm or 800mm in length. Castings can be constructed of stainless steel, aluminium, fiberglass or steel (power-coated) for particular applications.  Blade pitch angles are fully adjustable from 4 to 40 degrees.  All motors comply with the appropriate standards for single (240v) and three phase (415v) power supply.



External rotor basket fans

Ranging in size from 200mm – 910mm in single and three phase with induced and forced draught options available these versatile fans are used in refrigeration condenser applications and with the addition of mounting plates or axial cases are suitable for a wide variety of general ventilation applications.


The ZO Series in line ducted centrifugal fan provides a high performance supply or exhaust system where a small or medium volume of air is required to be moved against a medium to high static pressure to and from enclosed spaces.

RMS Vortex

The RMS Vortex is a New Zealand designed and built fan produced to meet the demand for a lightweight, powerful, portable ventilator. At free air the Vortex delivers an impressive 1000 cubic feet of air per minute and develops up to 900 pa.  An ideal product for pit ventilation, frost heave solution, steam extract and ducted systems. Scrolls are rotomoulded UV stable plastic, impellers cast alloy dynamically balanced with top quality reliable single or three phase motors fitted. Available in horizontal RH or vertical discharge and with Ex motors fitted if required.

Axial Fans

The portable axial fan is specifically designed to provide air movement and ventilation in a variety of situations. The fan casing in moulded from plastic. The motor and bracket are aluminium and the adjustable pitch impeller is polypropylene. The high efficiency impeller with eight wings provides for a very high air flow of 6300m3/hr.

Curved Fans

These centrifugal backward curved fans are available in 2 models, 190mm and 220mm diameter, incorporating the highly efficient motor rotor.  Applications include mini roof units, inline centrifugal fans, range hoods and others where pressure is a consideration.




Stocked in 400mm 450mm and 560mm diameters these runners can be incorporated in roof extract units or SISW centrifugal fans suitable for air movement applications where higher pressure development is required.

Low profile ROOF
extract UNITS

Our low-profile roof extract units are available in a range of sizes from 150mm to 760mm providing extract capacity from 300 to 8000 cubic feet per minute. Units are available incorporating both axial and centrifugal fans.

Vertical discharge roof extract units 760mm

With a body and wind cone made of 6mm fiberglass, aluminium shutters, radial mounted motors, prewired on board IP66 isolator and poly 760mm impeller these fans are ideal for heat, steam and general roof extract applications. Manufactured unchanged since 1986 these fans have a proven history of reliability and longevity even in arduous service applications.


A compact, inexpensive and flexible in line filter suitable for new installations and retrofitting into existing ducted systems. Available with either washable EU3 or disposable EU5 filter bag the ILF200 will comfortably handle air volumes up to 200 litres per second with minimal pressure loss.