We have a range of complimentary and support products avaliable.
cooling kit

A truly versatile and quiet Forced Ventilation Unit to ensure optimum performance of standard motors, controlled by variable speed drives where slow speeds are required for extended periods. The supply to these units can be either single or three phase by a convenient and simple connection within the robust IP66 terminal box.  Stock sizes range from frame M63 to M160. Larger frame sizes are available on request.

Brake Unit

This modular brake unit can be Fitted to the output flange of any IEC B5 motor turning a standard motor into a brake motor. The VIS Standard Brakes are available from frame sizes 71 up to 160. They are incredibly easy to install, simply fixing to the motor’s IEC flange and shaft. Brake output flanges and shafts are the same as the motor it is fitted to. The brake unit is totally enclosed offering IP66 protection and the innovative rectifier means it can utilise voltages from 200-500VAC.


Our slide rails are fabricated from galvanised steel and used for metric electric motors frame size from 71 to 315.


Our range of capacitors are available in motor running 450V with spade terminals or a lead and motor starting 275V.


Gear plate stainless steel enclosures.  Available in 280x210x165, 430x330x165 or 530x430x200.  Sizes are measured in millimetres.


We stock a range of fibreglass enclosures that are lockable and come with or without a window.



External Rotor Basket Fans

Ranging in size from 200mm – 910mm in single and three phase with induced and forced draught options available these versatile fans are used in refrigeration condenser applications and with the addition of mounting plates or axial cases are suitable for a wide variety of general ventilation applications.